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Zachary Hinkle

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Zachary Hinkle


Bachelor of Fine Art

Montana State University Billings

2013 - Present • Billings, MT

Emphasis on Sculpture


Art Annex Studio Technician

Montana State University Billings

2013 - Present • Billings, MT

Oversee safety of students in the studio. Provide help to students in need. Clean and organize the studio.  Supervise and oversee use of equipment.  Provide access to studio outside of normal class times.


Welding- MIG, Arc, oxyacetylene

Painting- Acrylic, gouache, spray paint

Screen Printing- Hand-drawn, Rubylith, digital

Drawing- Charcoal, graphite, water-soluble graphite, pastel, ink

New Media- Photoshop, Adobe Muse, Adobe Illustrator, Lightroom



2016 Juried Student Exhibition at the Northcutt Steele Gallery

March 31-May 6

Billings, MT

Juror: Catherine Louisa Eithier


2015 Juried Student Exhibition at the Northcutt Steele Gallery

April 9-April 30

Billings, MT

Juror: Stephen Glueckert

*awarded Honorable Mention

Draw[evolve] at Billings Open Studio

April 10

Billings, MT

MSUB Art Students' League 2015 Art Auction at the Northern Pacific Billings Depot

January 30

Billings, MT


2014 Juried Student Exhibition at the Northcutt Steele Gallery

March 27-May 1

Billings, MT

Juror: Jane Waggoner Deschner


Honorable Mention

Recieved at the 2015 Juried Student Exhibition at the Northcutt Steele Gallery.

Award presented by Leanne Gilbertson and Stephen Glueckert

Billings, MT

Artist Statement

Art is one way to become immortalized, for its lifespan is much longer than that of the typical human.  Art seems to have a sense of permanence tied to it, a sense that it will remain on Earth forever, enlightening those who come to view it.  Certain precautions are taken to ensure that a work of art is persevered for others to enjoy in the future.  This stems from the fact that art is a cultural artifact that can describe aspects of natural human behavior, communicate ideas, share experience and stimulate the mind and body.  What if art wasn’t a permanent fixture, but rather an organic, continually changing thing that only exists for a limited time, much like our popular culture?  In today’s society is it necessary to save all works of art that are currently being produced? Or can we replace the real with the digital?


Using aspects of throw away culture, daily life, and literal comparisons of the fake versus the real, I create sculptural works that reject the idea of permanence that is traditionally tied to a work of art.  I use found objects, often unfinished works abandoned by their previous owners for reasons unknown to me.  I take these found objects and create my own work, usually on impulse.  I often look for delicate or fragile objects to use, and balance said objects in ways that can be problematic.   A large amount of my work also compares the fake to the real, through side-by-side comparisons of materials found in nature and those mass produced for our convenience.  I accomplish this by using organic materials for their ability to deteriorate or change over time and contrasting them with similar synthetic materials. I don’t mind if a work deteriorates or is destroyed, because I have documented my work though digital photographs.  I would rather my work exist in a digital form than exist on earth, taking up so much of my personal space.




Zachary Hinkle


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